by Alicia Beltran

These are hard times for many of us! We are going through a worldwide pandemic that has triggered us in different ways. Many of us have adjusted to working from home or have some anxiety around returning to work. While balancing work projects, we have also taken on being our children’s educators and/or day-care provider; we’ve needed to find ways to multitask and find it harder to get through each day. We’ve been functioning from the realm of our homes, lacking our typical socialization, connection, and pleasure. Some of us are alone at home and depressed. Some of us have been confined to closed spaces with the people closest to us and at times experience conflict, tension, or misunderstandings. Some of us are experiencing financial hardship and worry about our next month’s expenses. On top of that, there is still fear of an ambiguous virus that lacks research and treatment and the course of what our lives may look like in simply a month continues to be unpredictable; this can cause us to experience uncertainty and anxiety on a frequent basis.

Coping with COVID

Another truth is that right now, most of us are coping. Coping through our work, coping through balancing multiple hats at home, coping with how our roles have shifted, coping via conflicts that arise in our family and intimate relationships, coping through missing relationships and connection, coping with being isolated and alone, coping with making decisions around being safe and healthy. Some of us are in the frontlines or have roles in caring for others and coping with how much we continue to give of ourselves. Some of us are trying to figure out what a “new normal” can look like and are learning to live life with the existence of this pandemic.

Therapy and Counseling

Please also know that most of us are doing the best that we can. What is happening in life right now is not easy and experiencing these heightened levels of stress day-to-day causes burn out. Our nervous systems are triggered and we can be experiencing heightened stress for longer than usual. We’re not functioning in our regular routines and we are having to do more to make things works. And for some of us, present stress is bringing up past stressors and unresolved issues. Our therapists are here to provide you the help that you may need: we work closely with individuals to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD. We aid couples in improving communication, lessening conflict and increasing intimacy; we work with families to lessen conflict and improve relationships. Click here to contact us today; we’ll be ready to reach back out to start the process of connecting you with one of our therapists.

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