Don’t worry, we all need help coping

The Different Ways We Cope

There are different ways we all cope. We run, we shop, we overwork ourselves, we even shut down and respond in rage. While some coping strategies aren’t necessarily harmful, coping is only really a temporary fix to the pain left from stress we’ve experienced in life. How many times have we had a rough day at the office. Or maybe we just experienced a tough divorce, job loss or notice we’re having trouble in relationships. When situations like this happen, we turn to whatever helps us feel better or makes us forget what it is that is too painful for us to experience.

For example, we have an argument with our partner and they start to yell. You aren’t seeing eye to eye on something and they’re voicing their feelings out loud. We hate when our partner yells and criticizes us, who doesn’t? […]

November 9th, 2020|

Racial and Social Injustice Exists

Let’s confront racism because it has a big impact on many of us

Racial and social injustice exists; unfortunately, a lot of us have to navigate it every day. Whether we have experienced it in our own lives or have just come to realize how prevalent it is in our society, it exists. All of us share the responsibility to confront, understand, and deal with these issues. As we see things unfold in front of us and even in events across the country and world, they all bear the unsettling truth that racism and social inequality influence almost every aspect of our lives and culture. How can we survive and continue forward in the midst of racism? A part of it is managing how we are responding to it. Working with a therapist to understand how our brains work, how our bodies respond to threat, and how we cope with these […]

September 27th, 2020|

How are YOU getting through COVID? Probably like the rest of us….

by Alicia Beltran

These are hard times for many of us! We are going through a worldwide pandemic that has triggered us in different ways. Many of us have adjusted to working from home or have some anxiety around returning to work. While balancing work projects, we have also taken on being our children’s educators and/or day-care provider; we’ve needed to find ways to multitask and find it harder to get through each day. We’ve been functioning from the realm of our homes, lacking our typical socialization, connection, and pleasure. Some of us are alone at home and depressed. Some of us have been confined to closed spaces with the people closest to us and at times experience conflict, tension, or misunderstandings. Some of us are experiencing financial hardship and worry about our next month’s expenses. On top of that, there is still fear of an ambiguous virus that lacks research […]

July 27th, 2020|
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