“We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship.”

 —Harville Hendrix

Couples and Relationship Therapy

Do you feel emotionally disconnected from your partner? Is your sex life unsatisfying? Are you angry or resentful toward your partner? Are there escalating arguments where you both end up hurt or angrier with one another? Are you interested in recovering from a regretful incident? Has there been an affair or infidelity?

Couples comes to see us because they are experiencing conflict, lack effective communication, don’t feel understood or heard by their partner, are dissatisfied with intimacy in their relationship, or are hurt and struggling after an affair. We work with couples who struggle with a difference in sexual desire or couples interested in improving their sex life. In therapy, we can explore the relationship’s influence on sex. We strive to aid couples experiencing disconnect after many regrettable incidents but are desperately looking to repair and heal from past events toward reconnecting in their relationship once again.

A couple is present in session and each individual is recommended to attend session together. There is minimal opportunity when we will meet with the couple individually since our goal is to improve the relationship and this requires each individual to contribute. Our goal is to listen and hear you each verbalize your realities and help you find a path together by teaching and guiding you in a communication style that can create more grounded dialogue and safety. This can lead to improving connection and intimacy in the relationship. It is also important to explore each individual’s history and past patterns that can interfere and get in the way of the relationship’s stability.

We welcome LGBTQ and heterosexual couples. We have experience in working with clients in an open relationship or in polyamorous relationships.