Online Therapy

I provide online therapy services on a planned and agreed upon basis with clients; sessions continue to be 100% confidential.

Session should be held where you have a private space and internet access; we will use a secure and HIPPA-compliant video platform that is easy to access and meets all legal requirements to ensure confidentiality and privacy. To make all this possible on your end, you will need a computer (or smartphone), a built-in or external camera, a microphone, speakers, or headphones, and the latest version of your browser. Your internet must be working. Remember there is a possibility of becoming disconnected due to technology and internet issues. Though this can cause an interruption, we will troubleshoot toward having the session continue.

I only offer online therapy to those who reside in the state of Maryland.

Feel free to speak to me about these details. Fees remain the same. I use VSee as the virtual platform.