Online Therapy

Since COVID-19 started, all of us have experienced many changes and continue to experience transitions in our life. Our practice has adapted greatly and we currently provide virtual therapy services to many of our clients; we strive to make sessions confidential. We anticipate that when we return to our office, we will continue to offer a bulk of our services in a virtual format, as long as it fits with the client we are working with.

If your session is virtual, it should be held where you have a private space and internet access; we will use a secure and HIPAA-compliant video platform that is easy to access and meets requirements to ensure confidentiality and privacy. To make all this possible on your end, you will need a computer (or smartphone), a built-in or external camera, a microphone, speakers, or headphones, and the latest version of your browser. Your internet must be working. Remember there is a possibility of becoming disconnected due to technology and internet issues. Though this can cause an interruption, we will troubleshoot toward having the session continue.

We only offer online therapy to those who reside in the state of Maryland. Fees remain the same. Our therapists use VSee and other virtual platforms to connect with our clients virtually. Please be patient with us as we continue working toward adjusting to the new normal of the virtual world. The therapist you work with will speak to you about details of the virtual platform you will be using.